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About BrokerJet's Security is a domain operated by Broker Jet Co. LTD. and is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) with Derivative Instrument Number 013. insures exceptional protection by using SSL technology, as well as advice on how to protect from online scams and fraud.
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What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures that your personal data such as sensitive login information, credit, and card details are fully encrypted to prevent identity theft, data interception, and website imitation. This protocol is used by most banks and e-commerce companies for the safety of their online transactions with clients. With up to 256-bit encryption, RapidSSL establishes an encrypted link between a web server and browser and is presently the highest level of security possible.


Beware of common online threats

  • Phishing

    A fraudulent method by which a criminal impersonates another person or institution in order to fraudulently acquire certain information (e.g. login data, credit card details) or to persuade a victim to perform specific activities. This is a type of attack that is based on social engineering.

  • Pharming

    A more dangerous and more difficult to detect form of phishing. A common aspect of Pharming is redirecting a valid web address that has been entered to a fake web page (that may look the same as a valid one).

  • Advance-Fee Scams

    This type of scam typically involves an email from a member of a royal family promising a victim a significant share of money, in return for a small up-front payment. If a victim makes the payment, a further series of transactions will be demanded or the con-artist simply disappears.

  • Penny stocks

    Criminals can use blog entries, forums, emails and a lot of advertising to create a hype around penny stocks and when they are sold out, the price falls, leaving investors empty-handed. Sometimes known as “pump & dump”, “chop stocks”, and “dump & dilute”.

our safety

The protection we offer

  • All financial transactions are controlled by a security gate
  • Maximum payment and withdrawal time is 24 hours
  • Our IT department is committed to securing our website and networks
  • Personal data protection is our top priority
  • We hold all the necessary licenses to provide selected investment services
  • State-of-the-art SSL certification technology – RapidSSL

Our Recommendations

  • Remember to protect your login
  • Regularly update your operating system, web browser and antivirus software
  • Use only trusted computers and networks
  • Do not save the password on your devices
  • Never share your login password with anyone
  • Visit only trusted websites

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